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As a full time Realtor, I understand the SC Real Estate Commission's role to regulate real estate agents and protect members of the public throughout the purchase process of SC real estate. Section 40-57-139 (A) (1) and (2) of the state’s real estate license law, mandates that all real estate agents review the “Agency Disclosure Brochure” with their clients. This must be done at the “first practical moment” because the agency disclosure form explains the different types of agency relationships that are available to the client. If an SC Realtor fails to comprehensively review the Agency Disclosure Brochure at the first substantive contact, he/she is breaking the law. There are many differences between a “customer” and a “client” and such differences need to be discussed in full to avoid any misunderstandings. Therefore, the South Carolina Real Estate Commission requires a “client” to acknowledge that their agent has reviewed the Agency Disclosure Brochure with them.

Buyer's Agent - The Buyer's agent works in the Buyer's best interest throughout the transaction process and owes fiduciary duties to the Buyer. The Buyer's agent is paid by the seller through commission, which is split with the listing broker.

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